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Angie Gutierrez-Bennett
Friday, January 22, 2021
John Ramirez, Became Family when my Son Nicholas(Bubba)Fovozzo. @18 years old meet his Daughter Daniella Ramirez and soon after they married. I was a single Mother of three, but My oldest daughter and son had already moved away to Los Angeles for work & School. Well here’s my story of John and his Familia Ramirez’s. I will be every grateful to John for showing my Son Bubba many things and skills that a Father teaches his son. He was a Father in so many ways, and I wish I could of shared this with him, Thank you John for being that Father, Mentor and so many other things. John you are a awesome Grand-Father glad to have shared them with you and Marta. You John, Marta & Ramirez Familia I Thank you many times over for the Kindness, Love & Many Fun Times. John always in My Memories & Heart, Angie Gutierrez-Bennett & Familia.